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Care for your firesuit at home

Posted on July 13, 2017

Cleaning and caring for your firesuit should be a top priority for any racers to make sure the integrity and durability of your suit stays top notch through its life cycle.

You’ll want to avoid chemicals such as “TCE” (trichloroethylene) or any harsh detergents. Over time these chemicals can gradually build up deposits that will interfere with the fabric’s ability to retard flame.

To wash your suit, make sure the washing machine is on the delicate cycle in luke warm with a max temperate of 40 degrees Celsius. Don’t add any other articles of clothing to the wash, wash your suit by itself to ensure it doesn’t rip or tear on another piece of clothing. We recommend fastening all the zippers and connecting the hook and loop closures and turning the suit inside out to wash. Turning the suit inside out, protects the embroidery from being caught in the wash machine and possibly ripping.

As for laundry detergent, choose a detergent that is as close to a neutral PH balance as possible limiting the amount of acids and alkalis in the detergent. Make sure to not use chlorine bleach or chlorine stain removers. If you receive a stain on your suit, wash the suit as normal.

As for drying, tumble dry your suit on low for just a couple minutes then hang to dry. Don’t keep your suit in the dryer for too long as it can shrink, it’s best to allow the suit to air dry. Once dried, place your suit into a suit bag, keep the suit away from direct sunlight to avoid the UV rays which degrade fabric and materials.  UV rays will also turn white Nomex to yellow and will fade other colors.


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