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Driver Restraint FAQ’s

Posted on July 13, 2017

When should I replace my driver restraints? Driver restraints should be replaced every two years. After every race, you should inspect your belts for any frays or cut webbing.

SFI Nylon Fatigue Test

What is the difference between wrap around and bolt in driver restraints? Wrap around restraints mean they are designed to wrap around the roll cage of the race car whereas bolt in driver restraints bolt directly to the frame or chassis of the race car.

What is the difference between pull up and pull down? Pull up means to tighten the shoulder belts you have to pull up on the belts to tighten then while pull down simply means you pull down to the tighten.

My series/sanctioning body doesn’t have any rules on a driver restraint, what do you recommend I use? This question is very open ended, it’s widely known that latch & link systems are used in dirt racing and off road racing while camlock systems are used in asphalt and drag racing. Camlock systems shouldn’t be used in dirt or off road because dirt and dust can get into the system and cause it to not work properly.

Mastercraft Safety Restraint System

I don’t want to use a submarine belt because it’s tight? This idea is very dangerous and not recommended at all. In a hard enough head on crash, you can actually slip out through the bottom of your driver restraint system if a submarine belt isn’t installed.

I run off road and the wrap around and bolt in restraints are time consuming to take out nightly for washing? We're proud to carry clip in style belts which are very popular on the off road side since teams take their seats out so often to clean the dirt underneath the seat after a race.

Robbie Pierce Baja

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