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How to properly care for your firesuit

Posted on July 13, 2017

All too many times at the race track we see drivers working on their race cars with their firesuit on. Some of them have rips, tears, even oil on them, all three are major NO NO’s and should be avoided at all costs. Rips, tears, and chemicals on a firesuit removes the integrity of the SFI rating. Just a small rip or tear in a firesuit could cause a major problem during a fire.

Rips and tears within reason can be repaired by Impact Racing specialists. We apply a special patch other the rip or tear then sew it on with nomex thread. If you have a rip or tear, please call us and speak with our knowledgeable staff to make sure it can be repaired and if it can, mail the suit to our offices for repair.

Impact Racing Firesuit

Firesuits are a critical component of your safety equipment as a driver, treat it as such. It’s your last line of defense during a fire. When working on your race car, take off your firesuit and hang it in your truck or trailer. Have a spare set of pants, shorts and shirts to work on the car with then before your race, make the quick change into your firesuit. This will help ensure you don’t spill chemicals or oils on your suit or rip it on a sharp piece of metal.

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