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MasterCraft 3G Seats go 4,000 Miles on the Trans-America Trail

Posted on July 13, 2017

3G Seats The Garage Shop

Aaron Brown, the owner of The Garage Shop in Catawba, NC resurrected a 1970 Toyota Land Cruiser into the ultimate overland expedition vehicle. During the build, Brown acquired two MasterCraft Safety 3G seats with camelbak systems for the month long trip.

"The 3G seats were by far the most comfortable seats I have ever sat in during a trip like this." said Brown, "The seats are snug and fit well so you stay in them but they're also extremely comfortable. Some days we spent 18 hours on the trail and not once did I get sore or stiff with the 3G seats. The camelbak systems really came in handy during the first part of the trip as it was really hot. All in all, these seats are the complete package for overland expedition."

Brown left from North Carolina and drove across the Trans-America Trail in October on over 4,000 miles of dirt roads. Brown and his co-pilot Ed Goff, traveled all the way to Utah on the Trans-America Trail before heading South through the Nevada desert on their way to SEMA. The team finished the trip 4 days ahead of schedule and had a little down time before parking the Land Cruiser in their SEMA booth.

"We also got two sets of MasterCraft Safety belts and couldn't be more happy with them." said Brown, "The belts were easy to install, comfortable, and held us tightly into the seats on some very rough trail through the Rocky Mountains."

Trans America Trail

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