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What does SFI and TTP mean?

Posted on July 13, 2017

SFI Foundation logo

SFI is a non-profit organization funded by safety equipment manufacturers to ensure products meet or exceed recommended industry standards. The organization was established to issue and administer standards for the quality assurance of specialty performance and racing equipment. The SFI Foundation has served the automotive aftermarket and the motorsports industry since 1978. Our service to the industry is a system of developing and administering various standards, certifications and testing criteria for use in motorsports. SFI strives to equally serve the manufacturers, consumers, sanctioning bodies, racers and government agencies through fairness, efficiency and respect. (taken from SFI website).

Most sanctioning bodies will have a minimum suit rating required for competition. The standard for racing suits is 3.2A which is represented on a patch on the suit typical on the shoulder or lower arm. The higher the SFI rating the higher the TPP value.

TPP Rating

TPP means Thermal Protection Performance which is a value used to rate the exposure to heat, energy and time before skin is subject to second degree burns. The only way to increase TPP value is by adding layers so we always recommend wearing fire resistant nomex underwear, socks and balaclavas with all racing suits. Adding nomex underwear in a single layer suit will double the minimum protection time.

For more information on TPP and suit layers, please click on the below and head over to the Impact Racing website. 

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